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“Our defense is not in our arguments, nor in science, nor in going underground.

Our defense is in law and order;” – Albert Einstein

Our law firm has developed an outstanding reputation throughout Perth and Fremantle. First established in January 2000, as Piu & Associates. the law firm was renamed CLP Lawyers in 2004 and finally CLP Legal in 2008. We are proud to have two offices in Perth and Fremantle for your convenience.

We are an innovative law firm dedicated to achieving an outstanding level of staff and client satisfaction, whether in Perth or Fremantle.
Our law firm educates, develops and rewards its team in Perth and Fremantle, always striving to create a culture of service excellence.
One of our lawyers in Fremantle
Born in Argentina of Italian parentage, Vince's family migrated to Fremantle in 1964 when he was 11. After graduating with a BA and Dip Ed in 1975, he began a career in teaching high school English and Italian. Switching to the legal profession in 1989, he completed his law degree at Deakin University and was admitted to practice in 2002. Fluent in Italian and Spanish, Vince can communicate with and assist members of the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese communities.
a photo of one of our veteran lawyers in fremantle
Basil was born in Fremantle and is fluent in and of Italian parentage. After establishing a successful career in engineering, he expanded into the legal profession. Completing his law degree at Deakin University, Basil was admitted to practice in 2002. His legal career began with Minter Ellison, before establishing his own practice. To complement his engineering skillset, Basil specialises in corporate and commercial law, providing advice on building and construction, property, resource and mining law, in addition to business advice and litigation.
John was born in Singapore and is fluent in Malay, coming to Australia in 1989. Finishing his law degree at Bristol University in England in 1987, he spent the following year at the Council of Legal Education and obtained his admission to Gray’s Inn in London. John is admitted to practice in Singapore, the ACT and WA. Specialising in compensation law, he has conducted many successful accident claims. Currently the Vice President of the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre, John is dedicated to assisting and advising accident victims and people with special needs.
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